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there is now a tinder knock off that instead of matching you with sleazy weird dudes it matches you with dogs looking for a new home

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Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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I know that it’s no longer all James Herriot nowadays (see getmeintovetschool's link) but I really just wanted to share this 20-minute video with you all - it follows two “farm vets” (large animal/mixed practice) in the UK through a few cases that they would see on a regular basis, and they discuss why they are in the career, as well as some of the challenges and rewards of doing what they do.

I watched this about a week before my final exams, and watching it made my eyes well up with tears and for the first time in ages I felt excited and hopeful again, because this is everything that I want to do with my life. And I realised that all the stress, anxiety and craziness involved in competing for one of those spots in vet school will be worth it- because one day I will be able to say that I am going to do this with my life.


It’s official, I have found the best veterinary related shirt ever to be made…

Here’s the link: